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Thực phẩm và đồ uống công nghiệp.

  • All kind of fruit and vegetable juice, grape juice, apple juice, citrus juice, tea and coffee production, beer production, wine production, Rakı production…
  • Decanters developed for this industry are high performance equipments which meet the specific requirements of fruit and vegetable juice production industries in addition to all kinds of food stuff . Besides high product effi ciency and controllable product discharge, they are designed suitable for cleaning in place(CIP).


Clarification Decanters

Two phase decanter

  • Separation of low density liquid from solid with 1 – 10.000 micron particle size is performed in advanced centrifugal section of the decanter centrifuge. The liquid is clarifi ed with appropriate combination of the cylindrical bowl section confi guration, determined by the precipitation characteristics of the solid and the capacity, and angular velocity.