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As the world population increases every passing day; gases, liquid and solid wastes disposed of buildings and industrial plants have reached the dimension in which they harm the nature and threaten human life. Wastes causing environmental pollution must be kept under control. 

Water sources indispensable for human life must be protected and left for future generation in healthy and clean condition. Domestic and industrial wastes have the biggest share in pollution of water sources. Application towards the protection of water brought the need for clarification of waste waters.

HAUS is working towards reducing the costs of processing and lowering the volume of waste water. HAUS decanter technology applies to these areas:

* Sludge thickening in waste water clarification plants
* Sludge dewatering in waste water clarification plants
* Sludge thickening / recycle of valuable materials in industrial waste water clarification plants.
* Sludge dewatering in drinking water clarification plants

Decanters For Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants

Industrial wastewater may be many differences according to their field of activity. Several important parameters and discharge standards for industrial activities is stated Water Pollution Control Regulation.

In industrial treatment plants dewatering process with decanter, apply a mechanic-dynamic process to reduce water content of sludge. Decanters;

* Alcohol Beverage Factories
* Paint Shop Plants
* Steel Production Plants
* De-inking Plants 
* Leather Factories 
* Galvanizing Plants
* Fertilizer Plants
* Pharmaceutical Factories
* Paper Factories
* Abattoir Plants
* Chemical Substance Production Plants
* Kaolin Plants
* Yeast Factories  
* Fruit Juice Factories
* Nuclear Plants
* Starch Factories 
* Petroleum Refineries 
* Lacker Factories
* Marine

For leave a better environment to the next generations in the future, minimized the environmental impact of industrial raw materials, make savings in resource usage. 

Ship wastes; bilge, located at the bottom of oil storage tanks, dewatering sludge and oil.

These wastes should not discharge into the sea or the environment directly, should dispose or recycle for use again. Recycling of these wastes or treatment process in high performance with HAUS Centrifuge Technologies.
Separator centrifuges are widely used in marine applications. The main application areas:

* Oil Separator
* Bilge Separator
* Hydraulic Oil Separator
* Sludge Separator
* Fuel Separator

Potable Water Treatment

* Purification of sea water and bitter water from salt
* Potable water treatment

There is 97,4% brine and 2,6% fresh water of World`s water potential. 0,8% of this amount is in continuous flow. Considering the trouble of facing World with water tribulation, water resources must be used efficiently and correctly. The important point is water recovery.

Potable Water; obtain from surface or underground water. 

Contaminated surface water is treated by using various chemical processes. Decanters which in process are using for treatment of water. The important point is the type of chemicals which used for sedimentation of mineral contaminants in raw water.

Decanters reach purified water by implementing with long treatment area and high rotational speed.

Sludge Dewatering in Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants

Amount of sludge obtain in treatment plants is increasing annually. Dewatering process with decanter, apply a mechanic-dynamic process to reduce water content of sludge.
* Significantly reduces the cost of moving to the field for final disposal of sludge. 
* Significantly reduces the volume of backfilling area.
* Reduces the energy costs need for cauterization / drying.
* Reduces material need which gives pore for pre-composting.
* It prevents the smell of mud (In some cases)

Sludge Thickening in Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants

The purpose of usage thickening decanter in waste water treatment plant is increase the concentration of solid matter. The increase which provides in sludge solid matter concentration reduces sludge volume in the beginning.

For Example: The sludge which has 100% volume and 1% solid matter, same sludge thickening to 5% solid matter and 20% volume according to beginning. In this way, provided sludge reduction, provide a reduction of sludge disposal plant sizes and costs.

General usage of applications in Turkey for the thickening process is gravity or flotation type thickeners.

Advantages Of Decanter compare with other systems:
* Provide small area requirement in high capacity.
* The odor problem is prevented with closed design.
* Operation is easy and allows to uninterrupted working.
* Provide low energy consumption.
* Reduce the operation cost by usage no polymer or slightly polymer and support the next digestion process. 
* Expose the cells in sludge. This increase the amount of methane gas which obtain from digestion tank. 
* Flushing process is very easy.

Mobile Solution

Mobile Solutions: Flexible and Fast

The purpose of mobile plant which emerge after long research and development activities by HAUS is present fast and flexible solution. With decanter and equipment which placed in the container can be made dewatering or thickening. The first and unique mobile decanter plant which has specialty as waste water dewatering and thickening in Turkey.

Mobile waste water treatment unit provides advantage of usage for demo in new plants which will be set up and provides solutions for plants which choose treatment with deposition before disposal.